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Alfheim is an investment firm that utilizes equity-based crowdfunding to invest and help provide working capital to dozens of Norwegian startups with the goal of strengthening Norway's impact on the global entrepreneurial space.

Since our launch in January 2020, we've acquired stakes in 10 different startup companies specializing in fields like Fintech, Science, Commerce, and entertainment.

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Our Investments

Presented below are just some of our most promising investments. If you're looking for a full list of our current investments you can find a live one here, and an archived one here.



With 140.000 users and counting, Horde allows consumers to get a full overview of any short-term dept and credit cards registered in their name as well as cancelling credit cards directly from the app.

The app also lets you compare credit card terms from different banks, manage your finances, and get an overview of loans between your friends and family.

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Orbital Machines

Orbital Machines is a promising startup based in Trondheim with talent from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

In co-operation with Copenhagen Suborbitals they're currently developing electric turbopumps for orbital launch rockets.

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Tipio is a consumer driven marketplace where large groups of people can come together and buy the same product at a price much lower than the market average.

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Grasp is a digital Med-Tech company that focuses on development, production and distribution of an innovative digital device within the healthcare industry.

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Alfheim Entertainment

Alfheim Entertainment, a production company and subsidiary of Alfheim that produces documentaries.

Watch our latest film "The Road to Kingdom Hearts III" below,
a feature length documentary about one of the world's most dedicated video game communities.

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